The Tweedy


The Tweedy
The Tweedy The Tweedy The Tweedy The Tweedy


This is the lovely sister to The Glen Plaid but we reversed the fabric side up. The rich blush color of herringbone is on the outside and the plaid pattern on the interior. A Fabulous splash of color for this winter.

  • All in One - A Wrap, a Blanket and a Throw
  • Functional front pocket perfect for phone or keys
  • NorSari and SunSari are unisex and intended for women, men and children
  • Product dimensions for size Small are 49" wide and a length of 31". Medium are 55" wide and a length of 31". Large are 61" wide and a length of 31

This NorSari is in our Kodiak Class. The fabric is heavy weight and super warm. These fabrics are between 750 to 900 grams

[What is the difference in fabric weight?]

50% Wool, 50% Acrylic
Dry Clean

[Size Chart]
[How to wear a NorSari]


"I love, love, love my NorSari. The wool material is cozy, warm, and soft. The workmanship is very professional. This is a beautifully made item and I have loved showing it off to my friends. It keeps me cozy in the car and in the house sitting and reading."

Sarah Grimsley