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Nordesque by Amy Boxrud


Customers are saying…

I am sitting here in my cozy cabin with my NorSari® on.  I have literally worn it every day since Christmas! What an amazing garment! Thank you for keeping me so warm this winter, our cabin is usually at around 55°.
M.H., Aitkin, MN

I received my NorSari® yesterday and am wearing it this morning at work.  LOVE IT! I did not even have to turn my heater on under my desk this morning. Thanks so much!
C.L., Sartell, MN


Hand-written note from a customer in Maine

There is a windchill of -30 today and all I really want to do is wrap up in blanket. I can do that with my NorSari®! I love it, thank you!
S.S., Oshkosh, WI

My NorSari® has been keeping me very stylish and warm. I brought it with me to to Hayward the weekend of the Birkie and wore it all weekend!
C.C., Minneapolis, MN

I was warm all day at school today–for the first time in months! Now I am getting my second NorSari® to keep me warm at home.
J.B., Rochester, MN

Feelin’ fly today in my new NorSari wrapped over my yoga pants at the bus stop! My daughter says this is a big improvement over the morning I walked her out in my flannel donut jammies.
N.Y., Plymouth, MN

I just wanted to tell you about my new use for my NorSari! I horseback ride and the barns are always so chilly so I started wearing my NorSari around the barn and it’s the best.
B.M., Minneapolis, MN

I gave a NorSari® to a good friend who lives in Ohio. She has been wearing it to and from work to be warm in the car and into the office. She loves it! And then last week, their furnace went out and she kept her NorSari on in the house for days until they had heat again. A real life-saver!
D.H., Weston, CT

I received a NorSari® for Christmas and it’s great! I had been wrapping shawls and ponchos around myself while wearing yoga pants and leggings around the house and outdoors this cold winter…..and you’ve solved my problem. The NorSari  looks cool and is sooo warm.
D.O., Northfield, MN

I love it!!! It is the perfect thing to wear around the cold lab (University of NC, Chapel Hill) because it keeps me super warm, but also keeps my hands free and it doesn’t slip down.
H.S., Raleigh, NC

My NorSari® has withstood the coldest days of winter – I have been out walking the dog and walking to the library and it has been super! Thank you!
K.F., Minneapolis, MN

It happened to me again! This time I was at Burnsville Center last weekend (Eddie Bauer store, in line at the register) and a women rushed up to me and asked, “Where did you get that great skirt?” I told her it was a NorSari, showed her the label & explained briefly what it was and that a woman makes them in Northfield, there’s a website, etc…she loved the idea and practically scolded me because I didn’t carry your business cards!
B.J., Bloomington, MN

I have been wearing my NorSari® a lot lately and have had many comments, one of which is “how come you are so dressed up?”  It certainly is a needed piece of clothing these days!
E.E, Northfield, MN

I am so thrilled with my NorSari®.  It keeps me warm in our house so I am not continually turning up the thermostat and it was great when I went out to shovel.  Thanks for developing this great boon to winter living in Minnesota.
J.H., Northfield, MN

My NorSari® arrived today! I immediately put it on and wore it for the rest of the day. Love it! Thanks so much!
-M.K., Minneapolis, MN

I received my NorSari® last winter and it was wonderful both indoors and outdoors. No more freezing when I’m sitting and working at my desk.
-M.B., Minneapolis, MN

I gave mom her new NorSari®. She loves it and won’t take it off!
– S.B., New York, NY

I can’t believe how warm my NorSari® keeps me. I  don’t freeze in my car any more on cold mornings. It’s really a creative idea.
– S.T., New Brighton, MN

I have been wearing my NorSari® a lot this winter. I wear it over pants that I can’t fit long underwear underneath and then, when I get to work, it doubles as a blanket to keep me warm at my desk. I also like to use it for dog walking at night and in the morning. My mom really liked hers too and wears it around the house as an extra cozy layer.
– B.B., Duluth, MN

I’ve been wearing my NorSari® non-stop. I even put in on at work. It really makes me warmer all over.  THANKS!
– M.H., Northfield, MN