The Deep Purple -New!


The Deep Purple -New!
The Deep Purple -New! The Deep Purple -New!

Purple, Green & Black

It's back! A rich blend of complimentary colors in a classic plaid. This Handmade NorSari is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

  • All in one! A Wrap, a Blanket and a Throw
  • Limited availability
  • Functional front pocket perfect for phone or keys
  • NorSaris and SunSaris are unisex and intended for women, men and children.


This NorSari is in our Spirit Class. The fabric is medium weight and our most common of all NorSaris.
[What is the difference in fabric weight?]

80% Wool, 20% Other
Dry Clean

Made in USA  Handmade in Minnesota

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How to Wear a NorSari