About the NorSari

Great for the Hockey Rink!

A NorSari is a wool outerwear wrap designed to be a simple, yet beautiful way to stay warm. It wraps on over your clothes and stays attached with an adjustable velcro closure. It also functions simply as a versatile blanket or throw. Wear it around the house, on walks, at the office and in the car. You will be amazed by how much warmer you feel.

It's the original Nordic Sari.

NorSari originated in Northfield, Minnesota. It gets cold here - really cold. It was one cold December morning when I grabbed the blanket off the couch and wrapped it around my waist to stay warm as I headed out to my frigid car. After solving the problem of how to stay on the body and tweaking a few different sizes and adding a pocket we had our solution. We just needed a bit more style. We experimented with designs, sizing and fabrics. It was important to me that the wrap be made from a combination of wool and that it was easy to wear over any type of clothing, with no zippers or snaps. It also needed to be good for women, men and children.

NorSaris were created in Northfield, Minnesota. The majority of them are still handmade by talented local seamstresses.

Stay warm!

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