The Classic NorSari

It's a versatile wrap that you can put on and take off with ease. It wraps on over your clothes and stays attached with an adjustable velcro closure. Stay warm and cozy!

Functional and Warm

SunSari utilizes weather tested materials perfect for the beach. Catch the Sunset in style!

A Wrap for Warmer Weather

The SunSari is a towel and a sport wrap all in one. Ideal for surfers, swimmers, beachgoers or just hanging around the pool.

Perfect for a Picnic

The NorSari is the perfect compliment to the outdoor lifestyle. Utilize as blanket for an Autumn day just taking it all in in style.


Got it! Wearing it! LOVE it! The best part? I have many wool skirts and kilts...but, they all feel very confining to wear around the house (where I am constantly moving). This wrap allows much more freedom of movement than I would have expected! It’s about 20F in the sun here today.....but, I am cozy!
I am a traveling teacher in Fargo. I am in and out of 6 buildings a day. On Thursday, when the temps were -27 (without windchill), I was extremely thankful for my NorSari. It’s warm and super quick/easy to take on and off.
I LOVE this wrap and haven't taken it off since I got it! Very well made, thick enough for instant warmth, thin enough to wrap comfortably without binding. I will be saving on heating bills this winter, as I hardly feel the cold now. I immediately purchased a second one, and am looking at a third. LOVE.
Love this, so glad I picked it up when I did. I had a few questions for the seller, which she answered quickly and fully, and she shipped it out super fast as well. It arrived at the end of the first day of the latest polar vortex. I wore my jeans and heavy coat out on day one and jeans, heavy coat, and Norsari on day 2 and wow could I tell the difference. Definitely worth adding to your winter wardrobe if you face unpleasant temps, nicely made, and a genuinely friendly seller.
I wear my NorSari everyday into work and use it as a blanket at my desk when I need to. I've told everybody about it!
I am so glad my daughter discovered your NorSaris a couple years ago and bought one for me. I love winter, but being wrapped in my NorSari(s) makes the season even better!

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