The SunSari

It's a versatile wrap that you can put on and take off with ease. A waterproof shell that protects and a cotton liner that serves as a towel. Great for the beach, the pool or any activity.

Versatile and Warm

NorSari Sport and SunSari utilize weather tested materials perfect for the elements. Whether you are Hiking, Fishing, Surfing or simply catching a Sunset do it in style!

Function & Fashion intersect

Stay dry in style! Serves two purposes as a towel and a blanket all while being weatherproof from the elements.

NorSari Year-round

The NorSari comes in lightweight wool blends that are perfect for chilly summer days and nights.

Perfect for a Picnic

The NorSari is the perfect compliment to the outdoor lifestyle. Utilize as blanket for an Autumn day just taking it all in in style.


Since I first saw these in November I have craved one. I just got my Merino Herringbone! I live in the mountains of central Montana and this is great mountain women wear. Ski hill, taking dogs out, trips to town are just what I’ve done the past three days. I’ll be ordering more next fall. LOVE it.
You are going to be mortified, but I bought it to do farm chores with. I am always cold in the barn and I hate wearing "snow pants". I know it's a little crazy, but it is so warm and it really works. I can move, I do not feel restrained and if I get warm, I can whip it off. LOVE it.
Mine is only one week old, and I have been surprised to find that I like to wear it while sitting at my desk for the workday! (I thought I had bought it for nighttime walks!)
I wear leggings all winter, but when I need to go anywhere or just put to walk the dog, my norsari goes on. Keeps the wind from going right through my leggings!
Our school is using outdoor classrooms this year, so when I'm teaching I wear it all day long. It’s literally a lifesaver. So good at keeping me warm! Love it!
This is the best winter equalizer ever. I own a horse farm in VT, and I am never outside without mine on! It makes a huge difference in my day! Easy on, easy off, super warm, adorable... functional .... what’s not to LOVE.

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