Fashionably Chic

Blanket and Wrap Combination


The Classic

Endlessly functional - the blanket you can wear in style - wraps on over clothes for a warm layer

A Wrap Made for Fitness and Function

The NorSari is meant to be worn over your clothes so it's a versatile piece for a chilly hike. Stylish and fun to wear, this piece will accessorize your look anywhere you travel.

A Blanket and a Throw

The perfect complement to any climate. Keep in the car for events and games, on the deck for a bonfire or around the house as a decorative throw. No matter the situation, Norsari has a purpose.


I live in San Francisco, where our coldest weather is upper 30s to low 50s F. My NorSari is perfect for outdoor walks along the beach. It also keeps me warm while I sit indoors at my desk. The NorSari is a genius idea! Comfy, cozy and practical.

– C.D., San Francisco, California

Looking forward to the cool weather so I can wear this wrap. So beautiful! Really well made. This is a must for moms attending those chilly sport events. Thank you!

– M.P., New York

I just received my Norsari and I love it. From inside the hockey rinks on the weekends to commuting to the gym, I wear it all the time.

– A.K., Madison, WI

I’m absolutely in love with my new NorSari. I refuse to take it off! I'm the principal of a school and I stand outside every morning to greet my students. This has literally SAVED me!

– J.G., Connecticut

A beautiful wrap. I wore this today over pants in minus 25 degree weather. It kept me very warm. I look forward to staying warm during our long Minnesota winter.

– C.C., Duluth, MN

This is genius! Warm over ski tights in and out of the car. Or as a throw while reading at home.

– M.M., Minneapolis, MN

Reinventing a Classic

The Aberdeen Plaid
The Aberdeen Plaid The Aberdeen Plaid The Aberdeen Plaid

NorSari: Glenplaid Red
Accent: Houndstooth Black

This classic NorSari is a rich Black, Grey, White, and Red plaid with a rich Black and White houndstooth double face accent.

50% Wool, 50% Acrylic
Dry Clean

NorSari not reversible