Fabric Weights of a NorSari

NorSari's are made with different fabrications and materials but always in the same dimensions and functionality. We simplified a way to spot the differences.

  This NorSari is in our Studio Collection and is our lightest wrap. Not only does it function as a classic NorSari it also can be used as a shawl. This fabric is year-round weight and is around 400g


  This NorSari is in our Cub Class. The fabric is medium weight and our most common of all NorSari's. These fabrics are between 500 to 700 grams


  This NorSari is in our Kodiak Class. The fabric is heavy weight and super warm. These fabrics are between 750 to 900 grams


    This indicates the NorSari or SunSari is weatherproof. Made with a protective polyurethane shell that repels the elements like rain or snow.